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Thread: MN for Nell?

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    I like Nell personally, Penelope is pretty too, bur I'm not sure if it goes as well with your daughter's names in your signature. Here are some suggestions
    Nell Charlotte
    Nell Caroline
    Nell Olivia
    Nell Juliet
    Nell Violet
    Nell Rosie
    Nell Harper
    Nell Catherine
    Nell Jane
    Nell Maxine

    Good Luck!!

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    I adore Nell and am thrilled to hear you do too. Marie is beautiful and while Nell Marie isn't bad, at all, how about:

    Nell Marianne - Kind of keeps Marie but I like 3 syllables with Nell
    Nell Rosemarie - I think this is cute AND you get two great names for the price of one! And still have Marie.
    Nell Margaret/Marguerite - Not Marie exactly but I think either is pretty and can honor Marie

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