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  • English

    0 0%
  • Aisling

    26 26.26%
  • Kimberlyn

    4 4.04%
  • Ruby

    52 52.53%
  • Wren

    57 57.58%
  • Amerlyn

    5 5.05%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    dramagrl19 Guest
    I voted for Kimberlyn. Would you every consider Kimberly?

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    Aug 2013
    Thx all! Good point about the English v. Scotland. I have been there, and it is true. However, I left out the fact that my husband is English, and my son already has a Scottish name . So, I guess it could work, but would still prefer a Scottish name.

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    Aug 2013
    I wouldn't really consider Kimberly. Any other name suggestions? I've been looking at the site for ideas, and the ones that people seem to like are pretty...odd. I can only imagine the names these kids could get called in school! A new favorite (on the site) seems to be Artemis. I knew a girl named that growing up, and it wasn't so good on the playground... Although, I'm sure some of the ones I'm putting on my list (English) could have their share of not so nice nn. Oh well, something to consider. Naming my son was much easier! I had always loved his name.

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    Jan 2013
    I voted for wren, short sweet and pretty.
    I like amerlyn and Aisling as well.
    English is a little odd, what about Britt?
    My hubby is Scottish so we used Alba-Rose for her mn. Alba being a traditional name for Scotland.

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    Western Australia
    I agree English doesn't convey Scottish pride. Remember that the engagement between Mary queen of Scots and Prince Edward (son of Henry VIII) was called of as the Scots would never accept an English king. Or the fact that it took until James VI for England and Scotland to become one country.

    Aisling: its Irish not Scottish maybe Eilidh, Elspeth nn Elsie or Isobel?
    Kimberlyn: Sounds made up
    Ruby: Very popular but my favourite
    Wren: Nameberry favourite but it sounds harsh
    Amerlyn: I prefer Amberly.
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