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  • English

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  • Aisling

    26 26.26%
  • Kimberlyn

    4 4.04%
  • Ruby

    52 52.53%
  • Wren

    57 57.58%
  • Amerlyn

    5 5.05%
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    Aug 2013

    Exclamation Berries.... You've helped narrow the list.... Now consider these new additions!

    So, we have definitely dropped some of our previous names, but have been brainstorming for new ones. Unlike my son, who we named before he was born, we are going to take a name list into the hospital this time and decide then. In fact, I plan on posting while I'm in the hospital!

    What I need from you: I need unique and beautiful baby names. I am not really wanting a classic reborn (seems to be popular these days), and I don't care if it is the name of a tv or book character if I really like the name. I don't mind made up names, but they need to be pretty. What I would LOVE is a Scottish name. I am part Scottish and my son's name is Scottish.

    Please post name suggestions and don't forget to vote in the poll, and comment on the names in the poll! Thanks so much!


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    I can't see the poll yet, but how about Maisie?

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    Aug 2013

    Red face

    Maisie is very cute! Thanks for the suggestion! It will go on our running list

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    Jul 2013
    I actually love the name Maisie.

    Aisling and Wren are my 2 faves, I voted for Aisling but I also wanted Wren to be in there.

    I still love Brinleigh and I remember someone yesterday referring to it as a made up modern name.
    It isn't made up or modern, it is a spelling variant of the old English name Brinley and it means either "burnt meadow" or "small meadow" depending on where you look. (other websites have the Etymology better, Nameberry has a better forum and aesthetic)
    (Henry Brinley Richards was born in 1817)

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    I voted for Aisling but also love Ruby and Wren.

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