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    Lavender is such a lovely name BUT Lav?? Thats a toilet. So the name is a no-go for me.
    Coral is great as is Athena. X

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    Haha Lav!? I have never made that connection.

    Avonlea is okay for some, but I would forever think of BBC's Road to Avonlea, which was a lame TV program when I was little.
    Sapphira I would have to mull over. It didn't jump out at me right away - maybe just not a visual enough name?
    Iredell is interesting, though not as swoonworthy as the Indira suggestion!
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    I feel you on that. It's true you would likely be associated with "Anne of green gables" or anything related.

    I forgot to say, I actually like Lavender JUST bc of the nn Lux!! I've seen that floating around these forums and think its pretty awesome.

    Indigo is also a guilty pleasure of mine, shortened to "indie."

    Another name I've seen on these forums is Mazarine. Would be neat to have 2 girls with a "z"

    I loooove Marigold nn "Goldie". To die for.
    Clover and Poppy are cute as can be too.

    Ok last one...Honor/Honora/Honorine

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    I really like Rue. I feel like it goes with your other daughter's name.
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    Eve and Violet are the only useable names on the list. I'm with your husband, I rolled my eyes on lots of these names! I do know two girls named Honey. I don't love it but it's way better than October, Rue, or Valentine!

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