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    I like Coral this is my fave... I also agree with the suggestion of extending it to Coraline or Coralie

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    I don't think Azula and Athena are too close or matchy at all.
    Just some more suggestions that seem to be your style in case you decide it is...

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    Quote Originally Posted by katieydenberg View Post
    I definitely thought this baby was going to be a boy. We had settled on our boy name (Atlas! -thanks to your suggestions) - and then found out actually we are having another girl!

    Names we (I) like include:

    Saffron (this we both like but it is nixed because of our last name)
    Honey (hubs rolls his eyes at this)
    Lavender (hubs also rolls his eyes at this one)
    Sweetbriar (i adore this but it might be too out-there for us)
    Rosemint (we won't use this cause our first daughter's mn is Rosemary)
    Rue (too Hunger Games?)
    Lorien (too LOTR? nixed anyway because of our last name)

    You can probably see my preference for nature names!

    The only name that really stands out for us is Athena, do you think that is too matchy with our first daughter's name? Even if we really like it? Even though they begin and end with the same letter are they "different" enough for it to be okay?

    Any thoughts/ideas? Combos? Favorites? Suggestions?

    Baby's not due til January but I like to put tons of thought into a name & find the perfect one.

    Our Last name spelling starts with a silent H, but has "N" sound, & rhymes with Caddyshack.
    Well, Lórien happens to be an LOTR name, but nobody who isn't crazy about it would ever know. If you wanted you could use a dutch version, Laurien. I am possibly using it as a middle for my daughter, which would be Diana Lórien. Anways, I don't think you should take a chance naming your daughter Athena unless you are quite positive you plan to have no more children, because two matchy names becomes a pattern and you will feel obligated to do it again.

    Instead of Rue, which I think is a fine name, here are some cute options: Pru, Larue, Drew, Drucille with Dru as NN, and Lórien would sound great as a MN with most of those:-) October is a beautiful month and name, but just not for a girl. Violet and Jasmine are both nice. I also like Saffron, and Coral. Have you heard of Siphronia? I too role my eyes at Honey:-) What else? The other names that come to mind for you are Annika, Elodie, and Danica (like Annika but with a D).
    Have fun:-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by cristinamariane View Post
    Will you send me a full list of your interesting names? Like Rousseau, I love the painter, beautiful name. I tried to pm you but your inbox is full.

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    Love the suggestions of
    Artemis (I love this but Hubs won't go for it because he associates it with Artemis in 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia')
    January (Although I still prefer October as its my favourite month! I know plenty of May and June's not born in May and June, I don't see what the big deal is.)
    I think Siphronia might be too much of a mouthful (same goes for Seraphina)

    I love Coral because its naturey without being herby. It's got that Rosemary vibe without being just more-of-the-same. I think I would prefer it in a middle name slot though cause my husband is a Corey & that might be too kitsch.
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