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    Your list is super cool! I think that Athena and Azula aren't too matchy at all. Though both begin with an A, they're at different popularity levels, have totally different sounds, and different origins (I think.) I'm an Athena, and I've always loved my name. My sister has an unusual A name, but it's never been to matchy.
    From your list, I also really like Sage, Violet, Coral, and Lavender.

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    Athena Coral Sage Lavender Violet and Eve are my favorites from your list

    Athena - love but is a little too similar to your daughter's name, unless you want to commit to an all A theme for all your kids. With your first choice for a boy being Atlas you might want to do that.

    Coral - beautiful but seems kind of out of place with Azula

    Lavender - I've always thought this was a beautiful name but would be hard to pull off in real life

    Eve - This one sounds the best to me with big sister's name! Azula and Eve. The meaning is what I love most, "life". The name given to the first woman who gave birth to all humanity - what name better depicts womanhood? If you're open to variations, I think Evah (Ev-ugh, not Eeev-uh or ay-va) Sage is breathtaking. Evie is cute too!

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    Athena - pretty, but a little too close to Azula. How about Artemis?
    Coral - I like Cora better, but you can't have a Cora and an Azula (are you familiar with The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra?).
    Sage - Cute, but falls a little flat next to Azula. Would make a great middle name option, especially since Rosemary is also a spice middle name.
    Saffron - It doesn't sound too bad with your last name...I think this is a very good option for you.
    Valentine - Mostly a male name. Plus, all hail the Hallmark and Valentine's Day jokes.
    Honey - a little cutesy. Azula is very tough and exotic to me.
    Lavender - Pretty, but not as strong as Azula. Consider Lilac.
    Jasmine - Meh.
    October - Interesting, but sort of silly if she's born in January. Azula & January make an interesting combo though.
    Violet - Too popular.
    Sweetbriar - I dislike the "sweet" - what if she isn't? But Briar is amazing. I would love to see an Azula & Briar.
    Rosemint - Rosemint isn't a plant that I'm aware of, so not a huge fan.
    Rue - Blah.
    Eve - Nice, but not special.
    Lorien - Interesting, but a little too out-there for me, personally. Perhaps for the middle name slot?

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    Lorien Rue
    Artemis Rue
    Lilac Lorien
    Briar Sage
    January Lilac
    Briar Lorien
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