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    Name The Babies! R.2

    Rules; (In case you haven't played this game before) I will post between 3 and 8 fictional scenarios with families that are expecting children or pets and you must chose a name for the baby/babies of each family using the given criteria. At the end of each round, the best name from the contestants will be given to each family and a new round (that includes the children already named in previous rounds) will begin. Have fun!!!

    DD = Dear Daughter and DS = Dear Son and DAS or DAD = Dear Adopted Son or Dear Adopted Daughter and DNw is Dear Nephew

    Family #1

    Ariana Jill Bowen and her boyfriend Kyle Xander Lane are about to become parents again, this time to twin boys! Ariana wants their first names to be strong, classic and tough while Kyle wants their middle names to be a shorter variation of a longer name like his. (Alexander = Xander)

    DD/DD: Anastasia Josie *Anya* & Evangelina Millie *Eva* [bailibsmom]

    Family #2

    Daniel Paul Harding and his wife Gemma Lynn Harding are adopting a little girl from Ireland. He is joining big sister, Ursula Mae Fuller-Tisdale who is from Germany and big brother Aurelian James who is from France. They want her first name to be Irish to reflect her heritage but want her middle name to be a short and classic English choice.

    DAD: Ursula Mae
    DAS: Aurelian James [mam2321]

    Family #3

    Anthony Ryan Fuller and his partner Jacoby Byron Tisdale are having another baby via surrogacy and they have once again chosen to keep the gender a surprise. They want girls names to be sweet and pretty and boys names to be strong and handsome classics. Both middle and first names MUST contain a Y like their own.

    DS: Jeffrey Kyler [waverly1234]
    DS or DD:

    Family #4

    Michael James Waterson is taking in his baby sisters second unborn baby, as she is to troubled and immature to take responsibility for this child either. The baby is a boy and he wants his first name to be after a famous artist and his middle name to be a word name.

    DNw: Jasper Chance [waverly1234]

    Family #5

    Diana Hattie Kanes and her husband Lyle Franklin Kanes are having their second child, a little girl. Diane wants her to have a slightly uncommon classic as her first name and Lyle wants her to have a presidential middle name like his own.

    DS: Solomon Theodore [shanade213]

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