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Thread: Maya or Maia?

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    I pronounce them the same. Mah-Ya. I prefer the Maia spelling, though they are both pretty. What I DISLIKE is spelling it Mia and expecting THAT to be pronounced the same way. I always assume Mia should be pronounced like Mee-Ya.

    I think if someone told me their name was Mah-Ya and I had to guess how to spell it I would guess it was spelled Maia... but maybe that's just due to the french influence here in Canada or something?

    Either way, very pretty choice.
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    I had never heard of the name Maya/Maia until recently teaching at a school and this beautiful little girl was named Maya. Her name was spelt Maya so I pronounced it as May-a, but she told me it was pronounced as MY-A. I prefer the pronunciation of My-a. It's prettier. Ever since discovering this name, I love it. Its on my list now. I like the way Maia looks though. You would pronounce Kai as KY so I think Maia would be pronounced correctly most of the time. So I'm probably going to go with Maia from now on.

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    In my family everything is pronounced phonetically so Maya is May-UH and Maia is a bit difficult for me because my brain says it the same; but I know its different, if that makes sense! I prefer Maya, mainly because its close to Mira which I quite like. I think Maia would be easier though
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    I pronounce them both May-a.
    I prefer the Maia spelling though
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    I pronounce both My-a
    I prefer Maya aesthetically.
    Also, i don't mind unique spellings once there aren't more than one offender in a name.
    Like y and ee in one name... no (eg Mylee)

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