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    Civil War era names?

    Hi everyone!
    I´ve posted quite alot recently, as I´m thinking about names alot recently. So here I am, thinking again, I´d love if you guys could pitch in with what names (Girls and Boys) you feel are Civil War names..hint I love Ambrose, so Im not too fuzzy with quirky names hehe.

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    Most are pretty boring/classic/common...John, James, William, Thomas, George, Matthew, Richard, Robert, Nathaniel, Henry, Benjamin, Charles, Felix, Nicolas, Daniel, Edward, Jonathan, Samuel, David, Louis/Lewis, Frederick, Francis, Michael, Alexander, Stephen, Timothy. The most unusual I found was Augustine.

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    Spencer|Benjamin|Henry|Declan|Rhys|Grayson|Peter|Q uinn

    Laura|Charlotte|Caroline|Savannah|Nora|Natalie|Hel ena

    Guilty Pleasures

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    Most of the names I come across looking at records from that era are pretty standard - Elizabeth, Anne, Jane, Martha, Ellen, George, James, Edward, John, William, etc. I also see a lot of maiden names as first/middle names (of course), OT Biblical names, patriotic names (George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, etc), and extremely unusual/made-up, elaborate names in the middle spot. Marcenia, Amarantha, Hazeltine, Ellafaire/Allifair, Glovenia, Parthenia, that kind of elaborate... I see Augustus, Cornelius, Clementine, and Matilda far more than I think I should. Anything Greek or Roman in the middle spot along the lines of Homer, Virgil, Sophronia, and Aurelia would work. These are kind of just general trends I've noticed. I wish someone would pay me to draw up name popularity charts from the Revolutionary War era through the Reconstruction era, because I would totally do it.

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    Where do you find your records for the pre-1880 names?

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