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Thread: Valencia?

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    When I hear Valencia I think of sunshine on a vineyard and strength that has stood the test of time. The idea of holding onto what is right and showing an innate sense of honor. I also think of a lady who is very lovely whose smile encourages.

    We hash out names literally for years. We just found that we both like this one, which was rather a surprise. I thought it might be too exotic for dh but he loved the meaning of valour. We give our daughters two middle names. We like snow for one of the mn as it snowed on our wedding day and this was such a special gift.

    We usually give our daughters at least one name that means love. We have used Esme for our oldest's mn, our 2nd daughter is named Mahala which means tenderness ( a little bit of a stretch, but without the a on the end Mahal means love in another language so we liked that). We have ruled out Lavinia because has connections to idol worship and ruled out Cordelia as well. I really liked both of those but the links to idol worship and the rape of the Shakespeare character were connotations that I could not get over.

    Also what do you think of when you hear this name?

    So given the combination of

    Valencia _______ Snow

    How would you finish this?

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    Regal, Mediterranean, dance or music (thinking flamenco), does remind me a bit of curtains with "valence", the color red, fiery. I know these are a little out there but it is just what comes to mind for me!

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    Valencia Nayela (Native American for 'I love you' according to babycenter)
    Valencia Amadora
    Valencia Amadea (I appropriated both from boys' names w/'love' meaning)
    Valencia Valentina (I suppose Venus is out?)
    Valencia Paloma (I know it means 'dove', a symbol of peace, but it came up on my search for love names)
    Valencia Darlena (Darlene came up, but I like this form)

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    I like the suggestions of Amoris, or (and this may be the only situation I like the name), Imogen.

    You could also use Amory, Aimée or Eowyn...
    New username is @ truenature

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