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    Exclamation Never Named a Girl!

    Hello all! I'm new to Nameberry, and I'm very excited to get some feedback on my name choices.

    I am expecting our fourth child and she is our first little girl! Our boys are - Ezra Larsen, Cormac Joseph, and Griffin Thomas - and I have no idea what to name a girl! I've never even thought about girl names before because I've never had to.

    Here is our list:

    Middle names are kind of an optional thing for girls in our culture and we won't be giving her one. So, what do you think of our list? Which is your favorite? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    I love Rosalie and Annabel and I think they are older names that are classic enough to stand the test of time. Emery and Charity are more trendy and less appealing.
    All the best,

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    I like rosalie, I think it fits the best & gives her that extra girly feel since no doubt growing uo with four boys will rub off on her some I do also love Emery or Emerie I originally loved Emerson but I still feel a little boyish on it & definitely would with 4 boys but could be cute just the same good luck!

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    Congratulations! Your choices are lovely. I'm curious about your decision not to give a middle name when your boys all have them, but of course, it's your choice. I think Rosalie or Annabel are best of your options. Emery is rather masculine, and Charity may be seen by some as lower-classed or I've seen it described as a 'stripper' name. I don't get it, but it seems to be a fairly common perception. I think Charity would be lovely as a middle name, though.

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    I would use a middle name, each son has a middle name and I think your sibling set could be seen as visually strange. I think concerning sibling sets its far better having the same amount of names for example this sibling set Ava Caroline, Isabel Vivienne, and Juliana Scarlett sounds far better than Ava, Isabel Vivienne, and Juliana Scarlett. Also it could be seen as the fact that you didn't put as much effort in concerning the girl name or you ran out of ideas thus decided to just run with just the first name. But that's just how I see it if you decide that a middle name is optional nor needed in your culture for your little girl then ignore everything I just said haha!!

    My favourites are Annabel and Rosalie. Annabel is firstly my favourite spelling of this name. The simplicity of this spelling is just so appealing. I also love how Annabel sounds she's a lovely light classic and has a very wholesome sound. I also think Annabel works brilliantly with Ezra, Cormac, and Griffin the flow of this potential sibling set is lovely. Feels very literacy inspired in a strange way. I also love Rosalie she's actually one of my favourite girl's names she's been on my forever changing favourite name list for ages now! Rosalie also works in the sibling set but not as stunningly well as Annabel. Rosalie is a lovely name though she feels very sweet, has great floral associations and has a range of brilliant nicknames Rosie, Rosa, Rose, Ali, and Ro. So yeah both names are great! Annabel just sounds prettier in the sibling set.

    As after thought, I'd like the suggest the potential combination of Annabel Rosalind, I think this combination sounds really beautiful you get to kinda keep the lovely Rosalie (Rosalind is another Rosalie name which has a similar vibe but flows better with Annabel due to the strength in the 'lind' ending) as well as have the delightful Annabel. The combination works well with Ezra, Cormac and Griffin as the combination has the stylish vintage vibe that her brother's have. I like it anyway ; )

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