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Thread: Twins - Help!

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    @allie1: Congratulations on your twin girls! Here are some ideas:

    Celia Jane and Emily Katherine
    Cecily Jane and Maisie Katherine
    Tallulah Jane and Imogen Kate
    Maeve Katherine and Rosalie Jane

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    @kyemsma I really like Maisie Katherine and Rosalie Jane! Are there any other names that work with Maisie other than Katherine though? I'd rather not use the direct copy. Maisie Katrina? Maisie Kate?

    @rkrd I like Clementine but not enough to call my own kid that name.

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    @allie1: Thank you! How about Maisie Kathleen or Maisie Catriona? I do like Maisie Katrina.

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    Congratulations! I'm a twin too
    Cordelia Jane (Lia) and Evelyn Kate (for Katherine) (Evie)
    Magnolia Jane (Lia) and Evangeline Kate (Evie)
    Delia Kate (Lia) and Evadne Jane (Evie)
    Nathalia/Natalia Jane (similar to your friend's name) (Lia) and Evelyn Kate (Evie)
    Best of luck!
    PS - I also love Imogen! I know a couple - one goes by Imy and the other by Impy (which is super cute IMO!). Another legitimate Imogen nn is Midge, which is probably my favourite. I love the name Imogene too, with the nn Genie. GL!

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