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    I really like the name Circe, but Bleu doesn't sound like blue in my head.
    So I would go with Circe Blue. That's a really sweet combination...

    Circe Blue

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    Circe Blue would be fine in my opinion but not Circe Bleu since Bleu is not pronounced the same way as Blue. Circe is lovely by the way

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    renrose Guest
    As long as you know that in Greek, Circe is pronounced more like 'keer-kuh' and that Bleu is pronounced more like 'bluh' than 'blue'.

    I'm not sure I like the combination :/ Bleu is such a short sound.

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    @tarah_e- no I don't watch the Game of Thrones so thanks for bringing that to my attention and I will read more into that!
    @bellerose- Athena is lovely and I like the suggestion of Wisteria as well. That was on my list but I didn't know where to fit it in.
    @calista- Thanks for the opinion and lovely words. I actually agree with you but liked the spelling.
    @ammy- Again I agree with you but when I researched it multiple sources pronounced them the same, I had the same ideas as you though! Thanks for the positivity about Circe.
    @renrose- Yeah, I preferred this pronunciation and I am aware that the French pronounce Bleu like that, however, from many sources it is pronounced the same.
    Thanks everyone for responding!
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    Though I love how Circe looks and sounds the namesake is not the best.
    She murdered her husband, turned her enemies into animals, and was the mother of the minotaur.

    I actually like the sound of Circe Blue.
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