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    WDYT about this sibset?

    Okai, so after a long period of time with me mulling over names, I think I´ve found my dream sibset (too be added too hehe)
    Jasper Beauregard
    Jonathan Grayson
    Elvira Maybelle
    Kathleen Linnea Marie
    Rhett Ambrose
    Charles Alexander

    Since Kathleen Linnea Marie is three names, I´d like to know if you could help me out with any suggestions so that they all would have three names? I like W names for boys; Wyatt, William, Wade, Wayne..and most names in general. For girls I have a soft spot for belle and rose names, or names ending in A, like Clementina. Thoughts, suggestions and advice are very much appreciated
    Thank you!

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    The naming style is kind of all over the place. Jasper Beauregard and Charles Alexander are my favorite..



    Magnolia Juliet Louise/Louisa
    Magnolia Eleanor Jane
    Magnolia Vivian Grace

    Magnolia _______ Jane
    Magnolia _______ Claire/Clara
    Magnolia _______ Eve
    Magnolia _______ Gwen
    Magnolia _______ June

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