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    Question Thoughts on Amelia?

    I've personally always loved the name Amelia, but recently it's climbed up in popularity, being number 1 over here in the UK.
    So I'm just wondering what everyone else's opinion is on it;
    too overused now?
    Still a pretty yet elegant name?
    Become trendy?

    I'm unsure what I think now and whether I'd use it on a future daughter of mine, so I'd like to hear your opinions on it.

    Also, which version of the name do you prefer?
    The classic Amelia?
    The more trendier versions Amelea, Amylia, Amilia?
    A different version of the name Emilia, Amelie, etc?
    Or any other suggestions of the name?

    Thank you for any replies

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    how do you pronounce it? A-meal-ee-a or Ah-me-LEIA (or I could write this like Ah-me-lay-a). I prefer Ah-me-LEIA. I love Emilia (But I pronounce this Em-me-lee-a). I know an Amelea who pronounces her name Ah-me-lee-a which I love.
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    I think Amelia pr . Ah me lee a . I dont think becaming trendy but defintly overduse at least in UK . Althought personally I love more the french version Amelie .
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    It's a beautiful name and although it's popular it's a classic name and not something trendy or made-up. I think it's a great name. For me, however, the popularity would keep me from using it.
    I like Amelie just as much as Amelia, if not a little more.

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    It's a beautiful name but I am kind of tired of seeing Amelias here and there. If it keeps being used so often, it's in the danger of becoming overdone but still a classy and girly name. Amelie and Emily are my other favorites.

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