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    Does she fit in with her sisters?

    I am working on my name list. I have a new daughter and I am planning on have several more little ones so I am having fun dreaming up name combos. So far I have my daughter Charlotte Elise, my next baby girl will be Genevieve Lily. Those names have family connections so to me they fit together. The new name that has been floating around in my head is Seraphina Yvaine. She is a combo of characters from two of my favorite books. I love it but I wonder if she is out of place next to her sisters. I would love to hear thoughts on the combination itself as well as whether or not you think Seraphina works next to Charlotte and Genevieve.

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    The middle names all match beautifully.

    Nothing is glaringly horrible about the first names together, but if you wanted to continue with the French theme, you could use Seraphine. Of course, you said you were planning for lots of children, and that would pretty much solidify you in the French theme.

    I think Charlotte, Genevieve, and Seraphina could work nicely.

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    I think Seraphina Yvaine is really pretty, even though I don't like the name Yvaine, it works here. And Charlotte, Genevieve and Seraphina work ok, but not great. I feel like Seraphina lucked out and got 2 more uncommon names, while Charlotte is super common, and Lily is pretty common too, while Elise and Genevieve are well known while Seraphina and Yvaine are both pretty uncommon.
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    I think its a lovely combo { love Yvaine } and a beautiful sibset .
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    I do actually like the name Saraphine better than Seraphina I just thought it sounded better with Yvaine.

    Waverly- I agree about your observation about popularity. I had thought about that also.

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