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    I don't like his initials being AAA, but I can't seem to put my finger on it. It'd be like a WWW thing. It would be better to break that pattern by AVA or a AZA. Maybe a ZAA or VAA. AAA seems a bit forced.
    I was just thinking about the name Aurian. I like how it sounds like Orion without going there and reminds me of the latin Aurius. Plus... it's shorter than the ever so fancy Arelien.
    I'm not keen on ASStron (he'll get bullied and you know it!). He'll be too easy a target which would be cruel. Aston or Ashton as a second name would be much better.
    My ex-boyfriend was a huge geek and he liked Arthur (Arthur Dent, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) and Turin (Turin from the Silmarillion) and Door and Coraline (some Neil Gaiman book) and Juno (after the Greek goddess). You sure you're having a boy?
    My current boy is somewhat of a game nerd and we both like Link and Zelda.
    Avila is great. Obviously you can't change that ;-) I like the V sound of it. Do you like the name Vesper? Or Nev?

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    I don't think nerdy comes into play here. I like nerdy. This is just way out there. I don't like the alliteration. It sounds all jumbled. I agree that there are some fantastic space names to choose from. I would keep looking.

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    AAA initials may be too hard to bear, yeah.

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    *Watches this thread with interest*

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    I like Ottilie's suggestion of Asterion which apparently means "starry" or "ruler of the stars". I don't care for Arion.

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