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    Talking From Dad: Is Astron Arion too much?

    My girlfriend and I are expecting in the begining of 2014. I am a total nerd, and while she is down with the nerdy, she doesnt necessarily want something too much nerd.

    She already axed Cosmo, and Orion. So instead I decided to play with some others.
    I came up with Astron as a play with ASTRO (similar to Cosmo) + Ashton/Aston (to keep it sounding like a name).
    I also still love Orion, but instead went with the alliteration and made it original as Arion.
    Last name is also an A name, Avila.

    as•tron a•ri•on
    [as-truhn] [uh-ryan]

    It still has the spacy feel. Yet it is creative and original since I made it up.
    So what do you think, is Astron Arion Avila too much? and why..


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