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    Quote Originally Posted by joeavila View Post
    I thought about the ASS sound and just ASSumed that guys named Ashton, Aston, Auston etc are getting away with it. But it is something to consider.
    Last I knew, Ashton started with "ash" and Austin started with "aws", neither of which are the "ass" sound.

    I like nerdy, I think the fact that Linus is high on our list attests to that but even I think these are a mangled mess. The fact that both first name and middle name start and end with the same letters is a bit much. Both names are a bit silly since they're both made up. Arion is way too close to Aryan, unless that's what you're going for. Also, Arion will very rarely get pronounced the way you want it to. If you like Orion, go with that spelling (and pronunciation). Astron will get misunderstood as Ashton. Like others have said, there are a lot of legit space connotations. I think you'd be better off using one of those.

    Galileo would be an awesome choice. It also has a familiar nickname in Leo, if your child decided he didn't want something out there.

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    Joe - please keep us posted. I'd love to hear where this goes! (You don't hear a lot about "nerd"/"science" names and I can't help but be curious!) Best of luck!!

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