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    I made my husband agree on my daughter's name Mary before we got engaged. It's my mother's name and I really wanted to name my first daughter after her. So it either had to be Mary or one of the many variants of Mary. But he agreed to Mary pretty quickly on the condition that we named our first son Patrick. I had never given the name Patrick much thought but as soon as he said it I absolutely loved it.
    I always loved the names Elizabeth, Margaret and Alexander. My husband doesn't like any of them or they have bad associations for him. One other name I LOVED was Grace and my husband never liked it but then his sister used it so I still get to be very close to a little girl with that name.
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    I am experiencing this right now. I have been a name nerd since junior high, and am now pregnant with my first at 32. My husband and I are from different countries and so some names have different connotations. We are only 12 weeks along today, so still have time. It will be interesting to see what we come up with together.

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    My husband likes three, and only three girls names: Barbara, Mary, and Helen. None of these are my style at all. I like those long elegant picks like Seraphina, Simona, and Anastasia, as well as peppy cheerleader choices like Molly, Holly, and Christy. We have a tough time meeting in the middle.

    For boys, we're more or less on the same page, though I would want to use Wilson (my grandparents surname) in the fn spot, and he would like a saint name up front. It's honestly not that big a deal. When you're holding a little baby whatever name you use is your childs name. Its just not a big deal anymore once you have a kid.

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    I always loved the name Selah for a girl, but my DH's family has a cat named Selah.. I still tried to convince him to let us name our daughter that but he said NO! I'm still holding out that someday when the cat is gone if we have another daughter he would consider it! But I'm thinking it's just a name I will have to let go of
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    I pretty much got my way. He had absolute veto power (or my daughter would have been Vivian), but I pretty much gave him a long list of names that I could live with and he narrowed it down. If left to his own devices, our kids would have basic 80's names like Christine or Michael. Absolutely nothing wrong with those names, I just personally find them boring.
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