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    The Perfect Name... If you didn't have a partner!

    I'm an eighteen year old (with no baby in the distant future) who LOVES names.. and nameberry feeds this addiction. I feel like I've considered everything and have picked out names for my future offspring. I like them so much that I don't want to post a thread about them asking for opinions because I'm scared that they'll taint my names!!
    But then it hit me... It takes TWO people to make a baby and what if my future husband doesn't like the names I've already chosen before we've even met? How inconsiderate of him would that be!!

    But has this happened to you? Have you had to compromise on your most favourite names that you've had picked since you were eighteen? Did your significant other not like them? Did they clash with their last name? Jack Jackson? Johnathon Johnson? Mitchell Mitchell? Robin Robinson?!
    What did you do?! How did you cope?! Were you happy with your compromise? Do you still adore your first loves (names)?
    I'm not as stressed as this post makes it seem, I'm just very curious as to how people (with actual children and a husband) have dealt with this issue.
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    I thought about this a lot too, before I met my husband and was honestly surprised by how much of a non-issue it's been! My favorite girls name, for a very long time, has been Margot and when he said no, I found it surprisingly easy to let go of. We thought of Flynn together and it's so much more perfect than Margot ever could have been. My middle name is Mason and for a long time, I wanted to use that for my son, but as it's gained in popularity, I've become less interested. Which is good, because it rhymes with my husbands last name.

    I do love, love, love Halcyon for a girl, which he isn't convinced about, but we'll use it if we have a second girl and once he sees me give birth, he'll agree.

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    Whenever I was with my boyfriend, he found it interesting to talk about names with me and for my obsession cute. Anyways, he refused and strongly disliked Sebastian (which has been my all-time absolute favorite boys name), so I had to get rid of it. (But I also refused his favorite of Noah.)
    Yes, I was very sad about it...but then we discovered we both liked names such as Jasper and Hugo, which made up for it.
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    It doesn't necessarily take two...just saying...donor services are available. But if you're set on having a guy in your life, baby names will be the least of your necessary compromises.

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