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    I've been name (and baby!) obsessed since I was 14. Still, my husband and I had no problems compromising when we named our daughter. It certainly helps that we have somewhat similar taste to begin with, but I didn't get to just pick a name off my list and use it. He definitely had some input.

    I'm of the mindset that the perfect name for a child has to have significance, and it wouldn't be fair to my husband (or our child either, really) if it was only significant to me. I mean, our kids are part of both of us and have 2 extended families with different backgrounds, traditions, etc. which deserve to be honored. It was fun to draw inspiration from both sides.
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    My husband and I don't have any children yet, but I've found that when we talk about names he's usually pretty lenient with what I want because, frankly, he's not a name nerd like I am and it doesn't matter to him as much! There are names I've held on to for DECADES that he fell in love with when I shared them, and that was wonderful to have my "life's work" validated, haha. And don't assume your future partner won't bring something to the table as well! Marrying my husband brought on a whole slew of family names and his personal faves to consider for our future children. And I've found that when he doesn't like one of my choices, it really isn't that devastating and it's easy to mark it off and move on because you want him to love it too! It's neat because your favorite names have an extra standard to meet before they can pass, which seemingly weeds out all the less-than-perfects and leaves you with the absolute best. It is a very fun process. And don't stop making your lists! They will be the starting point for you and your spouse together, and you may be surprised by how many they love.

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    My husband had no suggestions other than Miriam - simply vetoed everything and anything I suggested. I did not like Miriam at all. Just not my style. I stuck the name list that had been on the fridge for months in his briefcase the morning of the day I was to go to the hospital for induction. My instructions from the doctor were to rest and push the fluids, which I did. My husband managed to choose Joshua Oliver from the list, but had no opinion on the girls names. After my induction failed and I requested time to rest before having a c-section, I insisted he look at the girls names. He chose Jessica Alexandra after a short time. Jessica was born the next morning.

    With our second child, I got Jessica on board with a name that had been on the list when I was expecting her. She even wrote a story about her and her little sister. We didn't know the sex of the child, but Jessica was sure she knew. We headed for the hospital for a planned c-section, and he still was ignoring the name issue, as he had before. We were getting ready to go in to the operating theater when he asked about seeing a baby name book. I told him it was far too late for that, he had to choose off the list. He chose Nicholas Timothy for a boy and told me he didn't like any of the girls names. I told him that Jessica and I loved Jemima, so it would be Jemima for a girl. He argued but failed to offer any suggestions, so I played the pregnancy card. He ended up choosing a middle name off the list, so she is Jemima Natalie.


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    This is probably going to be a huge problem for me if I ever get married. I am very attached to my favorite boys names. I can't imagine naming my future sons anything else. I don't know what I'd do if he hated every single boy name on my list because I'm very picky when it comes to boy names and it takes me a long time to warm up to new ones.
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    If my boyfriend didn't nixed it, my daughter would have been Astoria Solstice or Saoirse Ursula or something along these lines. He agree on Cornelia but I hope I can get him to love much more crazy names the next time!

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