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    I think it's quite different from Aidan, despite the similar end sound.

    One of my favourite poets was the late Alden Nowlan, a Canadian. I like the association.

    You can get so many wonderful nn from it too... Audie, Al, Aldie, Denny....

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    I like Alden and think it sounds tres chique!

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    OOOh! I have never heard this name in consideration for a child before and I LOVE it. Super fresh, but also familiar. Nothing like Aiden, IMO.

    So many great nn possibilities: Ollie, Audie, Auld, Ali. Love love love!
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    Alden has a completely different feel from Aiden, so I think you're fine.
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    I already have 4 children, still a young age and I would like to have a 5th.. which I plan on naming Alden myself! I love the name, only know 1 male with that name and I don't think its too close to Aiden as they sound COMPLETELY different! LOVE LOVE LOVE Alden, great choice!

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