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    Pregnancy and baby kicks question!

    Hey preggo (and previously preggo) Berries,

    I'm almost at Week 26 and I have another question for you all. It seemed like it took FOREVER for me to be able to feel Baby Girl kicking and moving (didn't start until about Week 23, I have an anterior placenta) and then over the last 2 weeks, she's been going crazy. Kicking, dancing, moving, all of it. Sometimes it feels like she's doing an Irish Jig in there. I absolutely love it! She's also started to get stronger so that it's not soft little taps anymore, they're real kicks that even my husband can feel with his hand. It's wonderful and I smile and laugh every time.

    My question is: how do you keep yourself from going nuts with worry when baby has a quiet day? Isn't it normal to have a day or two where you feel baby less? For example, today. It was a very busy day for me and I was running errands, on my feet moving about, almost all day. And I've felt maybe one or two kicks. The rational part of me knows it's normal to feel less movement when you're very busy and walking a lot... but the hormonal, preggo, stressed out part of me is already worrying. So do you (or did you) ever have a day or two where the movement/kicks slow down? How do you keep yourself from panicking and running straight to the OB?

    Thanks so much for any advice, it's always appreciated!

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