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    Honoring A Debra

    One of my friends found out she's having a little girl and she decided to name her Debra to honor her late mother. I like the gesture but not the name so it got me thinking about different ways to honor a Debra. What would you do?
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    1) use as a middle if i dont really love it but still feel strongly about using it

    2) another D name

    3) name with similar meaning

    i automatically think of the biblical Deborah who was a poet, judge, and heroic prophet so id look to her for inspirational, strong names.

    by using nameberry to search meanings with judge in them i got: Dinah "God will judge" - and its a D name!
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    I actually would use Debra.

    A subtle nod to the name would be taking the meaning of the name, Debra means "Bee", and finding another name with a similar meaning.
    The only one, well female one, that I think is usable is Melissa (which is also a dated name)

    You could even be creative and extend "Bee" to a nickname of Beatrice, Beatrix, Bellatrix etc.

    Another way would be to find a name reminiscent of Debra.
    I think Delilah is reminiscent of Debra (the 'de' sound and the 'a' ending)... provided they aren't too religious a family,
    Barbara is also reminscent of Debra

    These are the only suggestions I could come up with and I am sorry if they weren't that helpful.
    I'd probably use Bellatrix as a subtle nod to the name, but all in all I prefer Debra

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    maybe even Dahlia... after the flower

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    Deborah is a more traditional English spelling if that would spruce it up enough. I could see Deborah coming back in a decade or two. Girls' Biblical names tend to cycle in and out of style.

    The Hebrew form is Devorah or Dvorah.

    I've also met some English-speaking Jewish Devras which is a variant/contraction and seems to be caught halfway between the Hebrew Dvorah and the English Debra. Devra is VERY close to Debra in sound but still feels more fresh to me?

    The name in whatever form means honeybee. Bee would be a direct reference. Other names that mean honey or bee could be options? Melisende, or other retro picks like Pamela or Millicent or Melissa is all that's coming to mind though.

    I actually don't mind Honey, Bee, or Honeybee as middle names but I wouldn't use them up front.

    My own mother is a Deborah. It's old-fashioned but I don't dislike it. Devra or Dvorah would feel much less '50s to me though.

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