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    I'm seconding the suggestions of Community, Orange is the New Black, Pushing Daisies, Breaking Bad, and Doctor Who (I'd definitely give it another shot). I'll also add Sherlock, Futurama, and New Girl (although I haven't been watching it lately b/c I've been busy, but I enjoyed the first season).

    For movies? Hm, that's harder for me, but one of my favorite "I'm-Stuck-In-Bed-Today" movies is Legally Blonde. I also love Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, Shaun of the Dead (not kid friendly), Scott Pilgrim vs The World, 500 Days of Summer and Enchanted.

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    Do you have Netflix instant? There are a bunch of good TV shows on there. My taste tends to run to comedies and more light-hearted fare (which would be great with kids around), but I will list some more serious shows as well:

    Arrested Development, Scrubs, Raising Hope, and Parks & Recreation are all great 1/2 hour comedies. Weeds is also good, but a bit more adult.

    White Collar, Psych and Greek are light full hour dramadies.

    There is some good sci fi - Buffy, Fringe, Roswell, Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who (the new iteration, which started in 2005 with Christopher Eccleson's doctor), also Vampire Diaries (which is very soapy, but I still love it). Some of these might be harder to watch with the kids around.

    If you don't have Netflix instant, maybe you should consider it. I believe that it is less than $15 a month, and you could cancel after you get off of bedrest. I also second those above who talked about knitting or crocheting - I like to needlepoint. You could also take the time to do something like organizing family photos on your computer - or you could get into some computer or video games.
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    When I got sick of watching TV and reading, Pinterest saved me from going crazy. I was on bedrest for my entire 2nd pregnancy. I like to have projects, so, as silly as this sounds, finding and organizing pins gave me something to do. Finding recipes and DIY ideas also gave me something to look forward to doing after my pregnancy.
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    I was stuck on bed rest with similar limitations last year after a foot op. I recommend;
    Breaking Bad

    I watched the whole of the Sopranos with my foot up, loved it

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    I had a big reply written then my laptop died and I lost it, sigh. So this short one will have to do because I don't have the patience to rewrite it all now!

    Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! I've had a horrible week since I posted this thread. Our internet went down and it took 5 days to get it back up again (which is torture when I'm stuck in bed!) The pain in my pelvis has gotten to the point that I can't even walk to the bathroom without help so we are looking into hiring a wheelchair but it's ridiculously expensive to hire one for the length of time I will need it.

    I downloaded the kindle app to my phone. It is saving my sanity! My SIL is going to loan me Big Bang Theory and my birthday is next week so I have asked everyone for DVDs to keep the entertained, haha.
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