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    Oh, I second the crochet and knitting thing. Or sewing! I'm working on Bunny's baby blanket at the moment and it's time consuming. Knitting baby clothes is fun too.
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    Do you like scrap booking? Or upload all yours family's photos to an online album like shutterfly and create albums for your kids. The custom path on shutterfly can be really time consuming but the books you can make turn out beautifully!

    As far as shows, have you watched downton abbey? I rented the first 3 seasons and watched them all during my first trimester when hubby was working nights. I wasn't convinced it would be entertaining but I am sooo hooked now!

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    Poor you, that sounds awful!
    You could relieve some childhood movies, the sound of music, Annie, land before time, the last unicorn , the secret garden...
    I'm no good on tv shows but my nieces and nephews love bugs bunny and the rest of the loony tunes, one of the least likely cartoons to drive you insane in my opinion
    Good luck

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    Actually for tv did anyone mention Dexter? Totally addictive, but not at all child friendly.

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    American Horror Story, as someone has already suggested, is totally awesome!! Both seasons one and two. It's so great, you have to stay focused on it and watch and listen and it's not a show were you can miss an episode and catch up.. Miss an episode and you'll be thinking 'what the heck!' I'd suggest season one is more kid friendly, although the starting credits are a bit gory. It's definitely not a show you can just mindlessly watch!

    Wentworth - I'm in Australia and this series finished about two months ago on FX. So good also! It's based on Prisoner, but that is an Australian show too. It's based inside a women's prison in Australia. Theres the odd stabbing and swear word. Highly reccomend.

    The Bridge - This is a series I'm currently watching on FX and I think there are two episodes to go because it's 'direct from the US' but it's about a serial killer with a political message who crosses the bridge between mexico and America.. I'm hooked! Not that kid friendly, with all the murders and such.

    Medium - Okay, okay, I like the crime stuff! A working mum who is also a psychic. This is more child friendly, her children (also psychic) often feature in the episode. A psychic on a crime squad makes for interesting watching! It isn't all crime, theres kid drama, husband drama, her dead father in law dropping in. The usual.

    Knitting, crocheting, wool crafts - I recently got a pom pom maker with the intent of making a pom pom rug. It took A LOT more pom poms than I thought.. but you've got the time! It's also a good time to try knitting or crocheting if you don't already know how, even easier with a laptop in front of you so you can watch tutorials. You could make a blanket, baby booties, clothes, a beanie. Or if you're in America where it's coming into winter, a scarf. And if you get really good at scarves, you can make everyone a scarf! Finger knitting is also something I've done, super easy, four year olds can do it. Keeps them quiet and still. I recently made a rug from finger knitting, just google 'finger knitting hula hoop rug'. You need A LOT of finger knitting, so you could even use what the kids have used to help contribute to your stash.

    Journal - Keep a journal for your baby! I know someone who started a journal as soon as she found out she was pregnant. Letters and drawings to the baby in her womb, I think the plan is to give it to her for her 18th birthday. I think it's so lovely because one day she can look back and see just how loved she was before she was even born.

    Candy Crush Saga - all the facebook notifications are annoying, but it's so addictive!! Such a great game, the time will FLY.

    Apps - If you have an iphone or ipod or ipad, load it up!! Tiny wings, angry birds, doodle jump, fruit ninja - all great ways to kill time or even for just a few minutes. I can't recall if they are free but there are often free versions. There are also some great brain training apps, like Lumosity, so you don't lose your sanity. Tetris and bejewelled are also very addictive.

    Blogging - Like journalling.. but online. You can blog about your kids, food, family life.. Anything. Documenting delight (dot) com is a great way to start.. She's expecting soon too!!

    Back to sewing crafts, my grandma made me this blanket (okay it took her eight years on and off) but it was heaps of fabric circles ruched together and even I have given it a go.. super easy!

    Pinterest - addicted. Online pinboard for everything. Everything. So much amazing information and DIY and recipes and just everything. Check it. Lots of tutorials for different knitting and crochet projects too.

    Youtube - sounds obvious. But there is everything on youtube. Like yesterday I watched a video of all kinds of animals jumping on trampolines. And they loved it!! So many laughs, so much cuteness. Theres also some really great (I guess??) Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Jeremy Kyle clips on there if you're the kind who needs a laugh at someone elses expense: warning, you may lose faith in humanity. Cute babies are also pretty good! Especially of twins talking to each other in twin language - gets me every time!!

    Supernatural is a good series, but somebody has suggested that. Not that kid friendly unless your kids like demons.

    I've heard that breaking bad, true blood and the walking dead are all good shows. But I've heard breaking bad is about drugs, true blood about vampires and the walking dead about zombies.. so not that kid friendly either..

    LABIRYNTH is a movie that my step mum forced upon me for her own amusement.. it has David Bowie in it. Maybe you can watch it with your kids?
    How about other kid friendly movies that contain jokes for the adults too - shrek, finding nemo, sharktales.. well they were my favourites.

    I started off thinking 'gee, I wish I had two weeks of bed rest!' but now I'm brainstorming ideas, I'm kinda glad I don't.. Sorry!
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