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    Breaking the bed-rest boredom!

    As a result of my health issues and SPD I am now stuck on bed-rest. I'm only allowed out of bed for a total of 2 hours a day and can't stand for more than 15 minutes at a time. Apart from the fact it's incredibly impractical considering I have a 3 year old and a 2 year old, I am going out of my mind because I am so bored! All I have to do all day is read, go online or watch TV/movies. Normally I would enjoy being told I could just read all day but because of my pelvis I can't get in a comfortable position to actually hold a book (Elizabeth broke my Kindle!) so I'm stuck with the internet or TV. I think I'm losing brain cells because it's so boring!

    I really need some ideas to keep me from losing my mind. I have 12 more weeks before baby arrives so I will be stuck in bed until then. If you were stuck in bed all day what TV series would be good to get addicted to? I need some ideas that I can watch at night and some that are appropriate to watch when my children are around during the day, almost everything I think of isn't appropriate for young eyes and ears.

    In the last 2 weeks I've already watched:
    Thor. Not my normal kind of movie but you know, Chris Hemsworth I actually liked it though)
    All the Harry Potter movies
    How I Met Your Mother, seasons 1 - 4 (I'm going to watch the rest over the next few days)
    Merlin, every season (it annoyed me that they got the story line so wrong, but I kept watching lol)
    Offspring, season seasons 1 -3

    My sister suggested:
    Dr Who, I have only ever seen 1 episode and I thought it was weird, maybe I should give it another go?
    Game of Thrones, obviously not appropriate for Elizabeth and Annabelle to watch but I could watch it when they are in bed maybe.

    Seriously any ideas to keep me from going insane would be great (it doesn't have to be movies or TV etc.)
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    I am so sorry you're stuck and uncomfortable! I've got about 13 weeks left myself and Bed Rest is one of my big fears. I get bored very easily so it would be a real nightmare for me. I can't even imagine it with a 2 and 3 year old also!

    Anyway, I think I would rely heavily on books and magazines for sure but that's not for everyone. In terms of tv, have you watched any Big Bang Theory? Hubby and I love it and I think it's mostly ok if little ones are around - most of it will just go right over their heads. In terms of after the kiddos go to sleep, did you ever watch Sex and the City? Not the edited TBS version, the unedited HBO versions? I know it's dated but it's one of my old favorites - along with Friends which I never get tired of. Frasier, I Love Lucy, Golden Girls, Roseanne, Mash - those are all classics that I can watch over and over. More current/recent shows I enjoy: Shark Tank - it's a "reality" show but I find it really interesting to see the inventions/business ideas people bring on there and what happens to them. Game of Thrones is great! But it can be a bit overwhelming or confusing, at least for me it is, because there are so many characters and story lines. I also adore home shows like House Hunters, House Hunters International, Property Virgins. All 30 minutes shows that stand on their own, you don't have to see every single one to know what's going on. Maybe get into a Law & Order series? There are so many of them and they're all pretty well done.

    I personally haven't watched it yet but everyone and their mother is telling me to watch The Walking Dead. I've also been told that How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family are hilarious.

    Anyway, that's just off the top of my head. Do you have Netflix? The streaming feature could come in handy while you're stuck in bed. Good luck and take good care of yourself and that baby!

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    That does sound boring, poor you! No books!

    How I Met Your Mother is hilarious, I love all seasons. Merlin is incorrect, but it's so much fun! I' seconding Friends, Sex & the City and Frasier, these are three of my favourites. Modern Family is another favourite of mine. Once Upon a Time is really cute, it's about fairytales, and The Mindy Project is very funny (single doctor girl looking for love) and Community too, that's really weird but fun. The Killing (the Danish version) is incredible, but it's pretty scary and violent, and The Bridge falls into the same category. Camelot is a mini series (eight episodes?), but it's good, it's with Eva Green and Joseph Fiennes (so something nice to look at!). Charmed is my go to TV show, it's so fun and cute. The Borgias, The Tudors, Rome!!! I love historical TV shows. The Hollow Crown is amazing... Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Irons. Hannibal (I adore Mads Mikkelsen) and Homeland are edge of your seat stuff, but soooo good.
    I also adore home programs, like Homes Under the Hammer, and those programs where people buy castles in southern France and renovate them! Let it be me!!! And cooking shows, I can watch Nigella cook all day long.

    As for movies, I find that trickier... but I'll always suggest Lord of the Rings, The Holiday, Love Actually, The Princess Bride, Shakespeare in Love. Don't watch upsetting movies (like Rust and Bone). Watch happy and entertaining! There is a movie thread in the Talk About Names Forum, I'll dig it up and link it for you. And there are lots of Dinsey and Pixar movies that your daughters will enjoy that won't drive you crazy. Like Ratatouille! I love that one.

    Also, get audio books!!!!

    Good luck on your bed rest sweetie! Lots and lots of hugs
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    Since you like to read and your Kindle is broken--You can download the Kindle app on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. I have done so on my laptop. All the books that you have on your Kindle, will just download to your device. Hope that helps.

    Side note: Not 100 percent sure, but you may be able to do it for the NOOK as well.

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    Yes, I second natural. Get the kindle app on your phone or something, so you have something to read that's easy to handle. I love reading off my phone when stuck in line or any other time it's not convenient to hold a book or my actual kindle. There's a book thread somewhere in here if you want a list of books.

    I would be playing lots of games on my phone. I play words with friends, ruzzle and draw something 2 (it's like pictionary) everyday with friends. Other games on my phone I've enjoyed: Plague (you get to infect the world. I felt guilty the first time when everyone died. Then I renamed my plague Love and killed the world with Love and giggled myself silly ), Flow, 4 pics 1 word, and sudoku.

    Do you knit or crochet? Get yourself some yarn and a hook or needles, prop that laptop up on some youtube videos, and make something awesome. Seriously, you can learn anything you want on youtube. There are also tons of really interesting things on youtube. Just start clicking and you can lose several hours. Or at least, I can.

    For Doctor Who, I'd give it another go. You might not like it, but it doesn't hurt to give it an honest effort. I love it. Try some of the best of the newer episodes. Check out one or two of the following (my personal favorites) If you don't like these, you're just not into the show. Blink, Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, Midnight, A Christmas Carol, The Lodger, Vincent and the Doctor, The Girl in the Fireplace, Turn Left, and The Doctor's Wife. Check out the synopsis and see if any of them sound interesting.

    Other shows I love, I'm just going to paste these in from a recent thread where shows were discussed. Some of these are not at all child friendly!

    American Horror Story- each season is stand alone, so if you don't like one "horror story", try another. They use the same actors, and the acting is superb. The stories can get sort of OTT and messy, but they have actors that give me the chills they're so good.

    Battlestar Galactica- a bit older, it's been done for a few years. Some of the best sci-fi has to offer IMO. Sometimes sci-fi gets so bogged down with the techy side, it forgets about the human side. Not BSG. This is about people.

    Buffy- Joss Whedon. I love this show more than I should. I'm nuts about it. Two of the best episodes I've ever seen on any show ever (The Body and Once More, With Feeling).

    Dead Like Me- Bryan Fuller is amazing. This is strange and very sad (it's about a dead girl), while still having a dry sense of humor.

    Desperate Housewives- Pure guilty pleasure. It's melodrama at its best, with lots of funny bits and goofy mysteries. I refused to watch this for years because it looked so ridiculous, but I caught a few episodes once when I was sick and ended up watching it all.

    Fringe- science fiction. It starts off as a modern X-Files, and then branches off into some very cool story lines and even better characters. The relationship between the main guy and his father was pure magic. So real.

    Hannibal- Bryan Fuller. Can you tell I'm a fan? This is the prequel stories of Hannibal Lecter. Gorgeous, weird and spooky.

    Lost Girl- this is a bit silly. Similar to Buffy. It doesn't take itself too seriously. It's fairies and magic rather than vamps and demons. Lots of really cool names are used for the characters. Isabeau, Hale, Trick, Aoife, Tamsin, etc.

    Once Upon A Time- Charming, magical, very family friendly safe, but enjoyable. It makes me feel like a little girl. I usually have a grin on my face while watching.

    Pushing Daisies- quirky, colorful, fun. It's about a pie maker who can bring people back to life. This should never have been canceled. It's Bryan Fuller again (yes, yes, I know I have a problem), who seems to have bad luck. I love his creations.

    Supernatural- Two demon hunting brothers. Oh the fantasies I've had about these boys. It's rock-n-roll, guns, fast cars and sexy demon hunters. Seasons 1-5 were great. One long, twisting, story arch with a big payoff. S6-S7 got messy, they didn't seem to know where to go next. The end of the last season ended in a way that gives me hope for the future though.

    The Walking Dead- I watch this because I love zombies, and I love the comic. I always feel like this is on the verge of being great. It's hard to judge something when you love a different version of it so much more.

    The X-Files- oldie but goodie. If you haven't seen it, you should.

    Veronica Mars- I helped fund the movie! Hopefully it pays off. It's about a teenage detective, but she's so witty and badass. It feels very Buffy-like, but it has its feet firmly planted in the real world.

    Edit: I just took a quick look at my DVDs and thought about which ones I pull out when I'm sick, and have a few more to add.
    The 10th Kingdom (miniseries), Hogfather(miniseries), Going Postal(miniseries), Penelope(movie), Willow(movie), Roswell(TV show), Charmed(TV show), Labyrinth(movie), Stardust(movie), Firefly(TV show), Lost(TV show), The Lost Room(miniseries), and Sliders(TV show).
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