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    Loretta Kate.. nn Lorie Kate perhaps?

    My fantastic grandmother is Loretta. She is 91 years old and after 6 children, 14 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren she has yet to see anyone named after her! She is not the type to care or even think about it of course but I can't imagine anyone better to honor. We are a very tight knit family and my husband wants to use Loretta for a middle name if it fits the first name we choose. I'm in total agreement but can't help but think how much more special it would be in the first name spot. We'd definitely have to nickname her, my husband thinks a kid would hate having an "old lady" name. If the middle name was Kate, WDYT of calling her Lorie Kate? Or perhaps Lorie Grace? I actually like just Lorie but am thinking maybe it's a bit dated?

    Etta is out as a nn as it has to similar of a sound to our daughter, Brenna. But any other suggestions and/or feedback is welcome. Thanks!!

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    'CALL' her Lorie Kate/Lorie Grace? as in all the time? then both are a no - there is no flow, very choppy sounding

    a kid wont know its an old lady name but even then they are coming back and are in style.

    i like Loretta Grace , dont feel Lorie is too dated for a comeback.

    ps - warning: realize that nicknames can be out of your control and people may call her Etta anyway.
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    I like Loretta Kate and I liek the nickname Lorie

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    I love the idea of Loretta! It sounds refreshing, feminine and slightly exotic (love the Italian pronounciation). Lorie, while nice, seems more dated to me than Loretta, but that's probably just a reflection of my generation - know a lot of Lauries, no Laurettas.

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    Loretta sounds fresh and new to me - it's the name of my Italian teacher's daughter. My Italian teacher is a gorgeous lady and I love her, so I have a good association with the name. Loretta Kate is nice enough, but I find it a bit choppy due to all of the t's. I much prefer Loretta Grace. Lorie Kate is a cute nickname, but I tend to find that most double-barreled nicknames get shortened to just the first name eventually. So perhaps Lorie is inevitable.
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