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    Waiting sucks! Penny for your thoughts?

    It's been a while, so I thought I'd post a new thread with my current list. It's changed a lot due to the possibility that we may have to adopt. (TTC and having fertility issues on both sides) And honestly I don't know how crazy some of these names really are. I don't think they're weird but I have the feeling others will.

    So, here it is, and I would be very grateful for feedback! Keep in mind the baby may be adopted, but who knows what culture.

    Fifaltra - Old High Germanic for "butterfly" - nn Fifer or Fifa
    Eveluna - nn Eve
    Castalia - nn Cat or Tali
    Plumeria - nn Luma
    Feniccia - nn Fenna
    Silena (see-LAY-na) - nn Silla
    Swanilda - nn Swan (at least it's not Swanhilda???)
    Esmeray or Esmerina - nn Esme
    Indrina - nn Indy
    Jenavara - old version of Guinevere - nn Jenna
    Camellia - nn Cammy

    Others I am not so sure about - Orfea nn Fey, Jilliana nn Jiji, Veruccia nn Ruca, Moschatella nn Chella, or Chella alone, and possibly Jintana or Valerianella
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    Love eveluna, silena, and fave! Good luck with the [possible] adoption. It is a long, but rewarding process!

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    I can see Eveluna, Castalia, Plumeria, Silena, Esmerina, Indrina, Camellia, Jilliana, Chella working reasonably well no matter what the case.
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    Fifaltra - This name doesn't sound too attractive to me, however I love the nickname options of Fifer and Fifa.
    Eveluna - A gorgeous smoosh name!
    Castalia - Lovely!
    Plumeria - I'd prefer just plain Plum.
    Feniccia - Not sure how to pronounce this one. Fenna's cute.
    Silena - Very pretty. Though I wouldn't naturally pronounce this name as see-LAY-na. Silla is cute.
    Swanilda - Sounds pretty much the same as Swanhilda to me.
    Esmeray/Esmerina - Nice enough, but sounds made up.
    Indrina - Nice, but I prefer Indira.
    Jenavara - Sounds nice enough, but also sounds made up. Jenna is over-done in my opinion, but for a nickname it's okay.
    Camellia - Never been a fan of this name. I prefer Camilla.

    Orfea and Jilliana are nice. I'm not a fan of Moschatella, Chella, Jintana or Valerianella.
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    Fifaltra - nn Fifer or
    Eveluna - nn Eve--lovely!
    Castalia - nn Cat or Tali--not bad...prefer Calista
    Plumeria - nn Luma--sounds like a disease
    Feniccia - nn Fenna--sounds like a supplement
    Silena (see-LAY-na) - nn Silla--too close to 'silly'--which used to be synonimous w/innocence, but not in this century.
    Swanilda - nn Swan--eh
    Esmeray or Esmerina - nn Esme--sounds villainous
    Indrina - nn Indy--I like it!
    Jenavara nn Jenna--prefer Guinevere/Gwen
    Camellia - nn Cammy--pretty

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