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    Scarlett Grace-Marie or Grace Marie

    Dear all

    We are in a fix and need some input on these two names. We love scarlett but we think our new born looks like a grace. Scarlett was always on the top of the list while grace was just a filler name so we are not sure which way to go! We are going to use marie in there regardless and also want to use grace too just not sure if it should be the main name??? So which one do you like best and why?

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    I always disliked the name Scarlett b/c to me, it always sounded so harsh, maybe b/c the word scar in the beginning? I don't know. I like Grace better of course, but adding one syllable may make it sound and look better if Marie is the middle name:
    Gracelynn Marie
    Graceland Marie
    Gracie Marie-Scarlett
    Gracious Marie
    Marie Gracelynn
    Marie Graceland
    Gracelind Marie

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    I like Scarlett Grace-Marie! Plus, if Scarlett has been on the top of the list for a long time, you probably won't have any regrets long term!

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    I love the name Grace!

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    Yes thats what we think too!

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