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    Fifaltra - Old High Germanic for "butterfly" - nn Fifer or Fifa - Yes!
    Eveluna - nn Eve - not sure if I lije it or not.
    Castalia - nn Cat or Tali - pretty
    Plumeria - /Not a fan
    Feniccia - nn Fenna Nice
    Silena (see-LAY-na) - nn Silla - LOVE this.
    Swanilda - nn Swan - pretty.
    Esmeray or Esmerina - nn Esme - I really like it.
    Indrina - Nope. I prefer Indira or Indianna
    Jenavara - Never heard about this one before. I like it.
    Camellia - Pretty, but not my favourite.
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    Fifaltra Fifer or Fifa- This one is a little out there. I think Fifer is cute, and if you like surnames on girls it would work.
    Eveluna - nn Eve- I'm not a fan of Eve names, myself. But Luna is darling.
    Castalia - nn Cat or Tali- That's pretty royal sounding. I like Talia though!
    Plumeria - nn Luma- Very very regal. I don't know if this is carriable. Luma isn't so bad!
    Feniccia - nn Fenna- Very Italian, and if the baby is Italian, it won't be so bad. (I'm assuming Feniccia is Italian).
    Silena (see-LAY-na) - nn Silla- I pronounced it as Selena when I first saw it, out of habit.
    Swanilda - nn Swan (at least it's not Swanhilda???)- This name has a very hefty weight about it.
    Esmeray or Esmerina - nn Esme- Esmeray is gaining some popularity; I don't think its out there. Esme is so cute.
    Indrina - nn Indy- If Indiana, India, or Indio works, why can't this one?
    Jenavara - old version of Guinevere - nn Jenna- Very different; reminds me more of Genevieve than Guinevere.
    Camellia - nn Cammy- Not too big a stretch from Camilla, so it works!

    Orfea nn Fey- I though of orifice immediately, but Fey is cute!
    Jilliana nn Jiji- Perfectly fine and cute!
    Veruccia nn Ruca- I'm not sure, really. Vera isn't too out there, so this might work out okay. Ruccia or Ruca is lovely.
    Moschatella nn Chella- That's a mouthful and I'm not sure how to say it. Chella is much better.
    Jintana- I mean its okay. I think I like Tania better.
    Valerianella- It sounds like a std, I'm sorry. Valerie, Vella, Nella are cute.
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    Fifaltra - Pretty, but it reminds me of farfalle, and even though that too means butterfly (in Italian) I think of the pasta.
    Eveluna - Gorgeous. I might slightly prefer Evelune, but that's me.
    Castalia - Very pretty.
    Plumeria - Oooh, this makes me think of a walled lush garden, with old plum rees and little girls running around in beautiful Liberty printed dresses. Gorgeous! Why not nickname Plum? That would be adorable.
    Feniccia - Makes me think of fennel. Not a bad thing, just saying.
    Silena - So pretty.
    Swanilda - I actually love this. There's also Swanild which might seem less heavy, but I think it's gorgeous either way.
    Esmeray or Esmerina - Esmeray! I love this name, working on Husband to use it for a middle. All serpentine, magical and green velvet.
    Indrina - I don't like that -drin sound, but it is usable and it looks pretty until I say it.
    Jenavara - I prefer Jenevera myself, but it's still pretty.
    Camellia - I think this is beautiful. The tree is breathtaking, and I love that each of the colours carries a different meaning and significance. And it symbolizes admiration...

    Orfea - Very pretty, nice connection to mr song and lyre.
    Jilliana - Pretty, quite frilly, but very pretty.
    Veruccia - I think of Veruca Salt...
    Moschatella - The wildflower!!! This one is so beautiful, both the teeny tiny flower and the name. Just gorgeous.
    Jintana - I don't like this. I think of gin.
    Valerianella - six syllables! Oh my. I think if the herb, and then I think of Valeria, the queen of Emperor Claudius who did not meet a happy end.

    My favourites for you:
    Esmeray, Eveluna, Plumeria, Moschatella, Jenavara, Swanilda and Camellia. Good luck with the adoption, it sounds amazing to adopt, I must say.
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    Fifaltra - definetely out there, name for a historical or fictional person

    Eveluna - just sounds made up, cumbersome

    Castalia - ok

    Plumeria - i hate when nicknames are plucked out of the middle of a name & you shuffled letters around too. are you saying this Plum or Ploom? either way there is no Luma in there. not a bad name though, try out a Illuminating name instead

    Feniccia - not bad

    Silena (see-LAY-na) - must spell Selayna otherwise this childs life will be a constant battle of correction. ps Silla? window sill?

    Swanilda - even you tried to defend it knowing its ridiculous

    Esmeray or Esmerina - Esmerina actually sounds real, Esmeray sounds made up and not very pretty

    Indrina - just ok

    Jenavara - not bad, sad that you'd call her boring Jenna though

    Camellia - Cam-ell-ia or regular Camelia? once again lots of name correcting

    Orfea - ORPHUS? not a good name for a girl or anyone really

    Jilliana - ok

    Veruccia nn Ruca - like the whiny spoiled Willy Wonka girl? if not close enough so still a major no, plus Ruca isnt very pleasing to hear

    Moschatella nn Chella - WHY? WHAT IS THIS? Chella isnt horrible.

    Jintana - sounds like its some third world Malaysian country

    Valerianella - sounds like a bacteria or STD

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    @liviajoan - Yes, Italian. =)

    @ottilie - Thanks! I did have Plum as the nn originally, but my family has given reactions like "plump," and "used to make you poop," sooo... yeah. And yes, I get green velvet from Esmeray, too! And I'm so glad you recognized Moschatella!

    @orphanedhanyou - Plumeria is ploom-air-ee-ah. If you drop the p, e, r and i, you'll see Luma. Like I said above, Plum won't be used so Luma was the next best choice, and now I like it better. With Camellia, that is the traditional spelling. Camellia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Everyone else, thanks so much! Keep the feedback coming!

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