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    Boy Name Brainstorming

    We are having our first baby boy, due in December. We cannot agree on any names at all.

    We have one 2.5 year old daughter named Alessandra Mae (Alessandra for my mom Sandra and Mae for his mom Mae).

    I would like our son to have a name with similar meaning but none of the male names really stand out to me, or seem like names I can call a little boy...Even though I know he won't always be a little boy. I just can't see it.

    Some of the family names we would like to incorporate but can't find a way to use are Harold, Derrick, Bennett or Jonathan.

    I can't see calling a baby Harold. Hal is too short for our last name which is also one syllable. Variations of Derrick would be good if we could find one we like as we don't want to actually use Derrick- the only one I could think of was Broderick. Not sold on it. Bennett is a last name in my family but again- it's just not ringing that "it's the one!" bell. Jonathan is my hubby, I don't really want a junior- gets too confusing. I suggested Jonah but he didn't like that.

    Is there anyone out there much more creative than I am that can come up with some good alternatives that incorporate any of these names, or variations of these names?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance, I really appreciate it.


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