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  • Calliope and Evadne

    7 10.14%
  • Rosemary and Beatrice

    43 62.32%
  • Sapphira and Lilith

    10 14.49%
  • Tabitha and Pandora

    9 13.04%
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    Thoughts/Suggestions/Favorites? Help?

    So, I'm pregnant with twins. Which is something that both surprised me and didn't since it runs in my mom's family. :P Haha anyways, now it's going to be even harder to find names! So I'm looking for expert Berry advice

    Right now, here is my list of girls names: (Please tell me what you think of the names!)


    I've been trying to figure out which ones kind of match up with each other and I have got the couples decided now (if I'm having two girls):

    Tabitha & Pandora (Wouldn't Tabby and Panda be the cutest nicknames for twin girls??!? Especially since I call Cato, Bluejay a lot)
    Calliope & Evadne (nicknames: Callie and Evie/Eva)
    Sapphira & Lilith (nicknames: Saffie and Lily)
    Rosemary & Beatrice (nicknames: Rose and Bea)

    However, I'm thinking maybe the ones I matched up are...too matchy? Especially Calliope and Evadne....I don't know! What do you guys think? I'm open to matching different ones together so if you think two match better than what I have got there please speak up!

    I know that I want each girl to have a nature middle name (except if I use Rosemary as a first name) as well as a more 'normal' or 'classical' name. Example combos:

    Pandora Beatrice Maple
    Tabitha Margaret Ivy
    Sapphira Millicent Rose
    Lilith Charlotte Hazel
    Rosemary Elizabeth Pearl
    Beatrice Adelaide Willow

    These are just ideas though. I'm VERY open to suggestions/mixing and matching with the middle names.

    Also, please keep in mind that my son's name is Cato Bellamy Jay. (So no suggestions of Arabella/Isabella for middle names!)

    Thank you berries!

    ~ Amanda

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    I think there is a love/hate relationship with Beatrice for some people. I personally can't stand the way most Americans pronounce it. I don't think any of these sets are too matchy. Tabitha has been on my mind recently, wondering why I don't ever see it around here. As for my vote, I think Sapphira and Lilith are just very womanly, serious names, and I would take them seriously. I like names that can go cutesy but still be respectable.

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    I absolutely love the name Lilith, so I voted for that.
    I'm not too fond of Sapphira though. (in the pairing). Saffron is similar to Sapphira and I think it is more matchy with Lilith

    Honestly, My fave names on your List were Lilith and Rosemary... giving the nicknames Lily and Rose (or Rosie)!
    I think it's adorable but the flower associations may be a too matchy for some.

    I just commented on the names I really liked.

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    I like Calliope and Beatrice as a twin set, so cute!! I love the nickname Bea, pronounced Baya. Out of the ones you have I have to agree Panda and Tabby are adorable.

    My suggestions would be:
    Isadora Delphine Violet
    Imogen Cordelia Lily
    Rhea Lorraine Ruby
    Christiana Abigail Jewel

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    Thanks for the responses!!

    @verminator- I know, I'm very surprised at how little Tabitha is talked about on Nameberry! Thank you for your feedback!

    @giinkies- Saffron is nice but not my style. Thanks though! Lilith and Rosemary do go very well together but I can't help but think that they kind of highlight the 'scary demon' thing both have the reputation of (Lilith considered being the first wife of Adam turned into a demon and Rosemary with the Rosemary's baby thing). Lily and Rose are pretty nicknames too but I'm not sure I like having them together...a little too much of an obvious theme for me. Thank you again!

    @juliar44- Calliope and Beatrice are a cute set! I never thought of those together! I'm glad you like Bea, Panda and Tabby! For your suggestions: I like Isadora for a first name (the others I have considered but hubby is picky). Middle names I like: Delphine, Violet, Cordelia and Lorraine. Thank you!
    ~♥~ Amanda ~♥~
    A proud mom to one little monkey named Cato

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