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    Alex - for a girl?

    I love the name Alex for a girl. I think it's so cute. Do you like Alex Katharina (my grandmothers name)? Or should we use Alex for short, and name her Alexandra Katharina?
    Help!!! My husband and I can't come to an agreement!

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    I think Alex by itself is a lovely name.
    Alexandra is also fine if you want to make the clear distinction that this is a girl as the short version may confuse some when they see the name on paper (I just prefer Alexandria... It's just more feminine and my style, but to each there own)

    Katharina is also a lovely middle name... If you want to go more modern and honor your grandmum Katalina is a nice way to do so.

    I'm just giving suggestions but honestly I think Alexandra Katharina is a lovely name and I would go with the longer version as most people will call her Alex anyway.

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    I can see it working, probably because of some 90s TV show I used to watch. Personally I would pick a longer version of the name just so that she has options, such as Alexina, Alexandra or Alexa. I do like Alex Katharina. (please vote!)

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    I think Alex would be all right as a nickname for Alexandra or Alexandria, but I'm not sure I like it on its own. Alex feels so masculine to me.

    Lots of people really like Alex for a girl, though, so I think it would be safe. Alex Katharina sounds better than Alexandra Katharina. If you decide to use Alexandra, I would consider using Katharine as the middle. It would still honor your grandmother, and Alexandra Katharine sounds much better.

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    Alex is dated on any gender. I know at least a dozen guys with this name.
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