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Thread: Anna Elise??

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    Anna Elise??

    We also love Anna. Just struggling with a middle name. My husband loves Elise so thought about Anna Elise. Is to close to Anneliese?

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    Yes Anna Elise (whilst not the exact pronunciation) is very similar to Anneliese so I was wondering why you didn't just use Anneliese?

    Pronunciations- Anna Elise: Ah-na Elle-eese
    Anneliese: Ann-elle-eese or Ann-uh-leese.

    Idk are you set on Anna Elise or want to combine it?
    Combining it will open a middle name slot!

    Your decision though..

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    I think it's pretty. It is close to Anneliese, but it doesn't really matter if you just call her Anna.

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    fiammetta Guest
    I agree 100% with the previous poster.

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    Another vote for going with Anneliese. You can still call her Anna. Using Anna Elise as a name is like naming her Eliza Beth.

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