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    Yeah, Isabelle is too close to Ella. I would go with Aubrey. If you like Isabelle, you could also use it as a middle name. Aubrey Isabelle could work, but I'd call her Aubrey.

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    For me ours too close, but if your heart is set on it you could always call her Izzy to deteriorate from Ella.
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    Yes, it's too close. Use it as a middle name if you need to. How about Georgia? Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Georgia is an adorable sibset! Some other ideas:
    Victoria (Tori)
    Actually, I really like Violet. Olivia, Addison, Ella and Violet. It's perfect. Name your daughter Violet Isabella.
    I'm not a fan of Aubrey or Ann, I like how each girl's name starts with a different letter.
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    I think I'm too close to answer this.

    Isabelle is my favorite girls' name in the entire world. It's gorgeous. It's magic. It's charm. It's everything lovely and a million things more. It's... just perfection. And while I don't want my daughter to be Isabelle R., or Isabelle F., or Isabelle whatever, I feel like there could never be too many Isabelles. Like no matter how many times I hear it, it'll never get old, I'll never roll my eyes and sigh at how popular it's gotten. So my inclination is to say use Isabelle. Snatch it up. It's glory-hallelujah perfection. And it goes so well with Olivia, Addison, and Ella (stylistically). I agree that Ella and Isabelle poses a problem. I've kept my love for Ella at an arms' length distance, because my favorite nn for Isabelle is Bella, and obviously, Ella and Bella is utterly cheesy.

    I think you could use Isabelle and avoid "el" nicknames, though (either Issy, or Ibby, or even just the name in full), and if Isabelle is it, Isabelle is it. I would be tickled pink to meet three sisters named Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Isabelle. And Isabelle Ann is lovely. It seems like you waffle on it quite a bit, though, so do you think you'll continually love it if you use it? Or do you think you'd have regrets?

    When it comes down to it, I think Ella and Isabelle are really matchy, but they're both beautiful, and if you call her Issy, I think you could easily get away with having an Ella and an Isabelle. And if Isabelle is it, I'm all for having another little lady named Isabelle in the world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by giinkies View Post
    It is way too close to Ella. I may go with Isadora?

    Stick to Audrey or Ava.

    I would've went with Isabella and nicknamed her Ella if you wanted to use both those names.
    Ella is a nickname for Isabelle (even without the A)
    Agree with this 100%.

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