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    I like both Sophia Ruth and Louisa.

    I pronounce Louis and Lewis the same way, unless the Louis is French. Then I'd say Loo-ee. Luis is Loo-EES.

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    Louis= Loo-ee or Loo-iss or Loo-ees
    Lewis= Loo-iss
    Luis= Loo-ees (I went to school with at least ten boys named Luis, this is how they ALL pronounced their names)

    I am not a fan of Sophia (nothing to do with it's popularity, it's just nms) or Louisa. Sophia Ruth has a lovely sound.

    I do, however, really adore Ruth. The names with a similar sound/feel as Sophia that I would pair with Ruth...

    Amelia Ruth
    Georgia Ruth
    Silvia Ruth
    Dahlia Ruth
    Celia Ruth
    Lucia Ruth
    Nadia Ruth

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    go with Louis - its the most common so there will be less spelling errors

    also unless you are going French and saying Louie, they all sound the same - unless you are really breaking it down and emphasizing letters that dont need to be emphasized

    ps the Luis i knew just pronounced it Louis
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    Luis is spanish so it is pronounced Loo-ees (no alterations of pronunciations there as this is a straight hispanic name).

    Louis is flexible- the English pronunciation is right in line with Lewis... but the French pronunciation is Lou-ee (like Louie).

    For the "Lewis" pronunciation, i would go with Louis spelling as I find it to be classier than Lewis.

    My personal favorite though is Luis, though I think most people will go with the typical hispanic pronunciation as it is a hispanic name. It would be an uphill battle for his entire life to insist it is pronounced Lewis.

    Louisa is a lovely name, but may I suggest a more modern name Eloise? (elle-oh-eese) It is very popular nowadays (I'm gonna throw the word trendy out there) and has been used to honor a Louise in the family tree.
    Louella/Luella can also be used to honor a Louise

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    I'm on my mobile right now which makes it hard to reply a long response. Now, I'm thinking I like Lucia Maeve nn Lucy. It would still honor Luis (he goes by Lu [pronounced Loo]). What do you think of Lucia Maeve? More opinions and middle name suggestions for Luis would be great. I'd also like more opinions on Sophia Ruth. Just to clarify, I wouldn't use Luis and Lucia for siblings or Sophia and Lucia for siblings. :-)

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