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Thread: "X" fatigue?

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    "X" fatigue?

    I read on another name blog 2 days in a row, concerns about overuse of the letter X, particularly in boys' names.

    I'm 38 weeks & my boy name forever has been Lennox. It concerns me that a) as a name nerd I never really noticed "X" overuse until it was pointed out and b) People throwing "x" where it doesn't belong (Jaxon etc) dilutes the enjoyment I get out of my baby name. It seems unfair, Angelina Jolie got THREE kids with "x" names and now suddenly it's passe?

    So my question is this: do you think a kid with an "x" in his name will automatically be associated with this time period? Is that a bad thing? Have the high profile "x" name kids ruined the "x" the way Britney ruined Britney, etc?
    Latest list:

    Girl: Emilia, Navy
    Boy: Franklin, Gage

    Mommy to one sweet little boy who I loved naming Lennox Andrew Michael

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