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Thread: "X" fatigue?

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    I agree about taking it with a pinch of salt. I love the name Xanthe and I have seen it on here more often recently, but since 5 or less girls were named it last year, I'm definitely not concerned. Same with Lennox. I don't think you need to really worry about it seeming too trendy. The Social Security states from last year shows 93 females with the name Lennox and 290 males. If it has been your name forever, then definitely embrace it and use it for your baby boy! It is definitely not going to feel dated a little ways down the road.
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    I like the letter x in a name as long as it belongs there, like Lennox. I do not like when it is thrown in like in Jaxon. I think the names with incorrect spellings will be dated but not the classic names. Alex is a timeless name. I also have a Xander in my class, his name is endlessly cool.

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    I think Lennox is fantastic! I would keep it.

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    I agree with most of the previous posters.
    I think that a correctly/traditionally spelled X name can be awesome and work well without becoming dated.
    It's more the x substitutes that are problematic: x instead of ck, extra x's where they don't belong,
    the addition of a z after the x etc that date a name and are problematic.
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    Lennox is great. Use it if you love it.

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