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Thread: "X" fatigue?

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    I like Lennox but don't like Jaxon. This is because it looks like people are trying to give their child a "unique" name by changing the spelling of Jackson. (It is the lazy person's failed attempt at uniqueness imo) However, it is a different case with Lennox because Lennox is the original spelling of a name. If the x belongs there historically, fine. I can't think of many popular names that have a "legitamite" x...Maddox, Xavier, maybe Pax, so "legitimate" x are not overused imo. Boys names ending in n are much much much more trendy.
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    Totally agree with @mischa. I really like Lennox. I have a soft spot for legitimate 'x' names -- Xavier, Dexter, Baxter, Felix!
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    I hate when people add x to a name like Jaxon. But Lennox is an awesome name and I wouldn't let any of this deter you. Lennox is not trendy or created like Jaxon. I haven't noticed an overuse of the letter x at all.
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    Agreed with the above - the unnecessary "x's" are lame (I'm talking to you, Jaxon!), and true "x's" I just can't get enough of! My maiden name has an "x" in it, and I've always considered using it for a boy. A lot of my top choices have "x's" in them - it's just such a cool letter! If you were really that concerned about it you maybe go with Lennon or Lennocks? But I say don't budge from your favorite and flaunt it for the awesome name it is!

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    To be honest I think when nameberry points out a so called rise in popularity I think you should take it with a pinch of salt. Popularity rises on nameberry is a name entering the top 1000, a trend that nameberry points out is a trend that has been mentioned and seen in names outside the top 100 which means in my eyes there not popular. So I wouldn't really worry about your 'x' in Lennox being dated or tiring to see, yes the letter 'x' has risen but the letter 'x' hasn't become the new 'a'.

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