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    Lightbulb Sophia Ruth and Louis <3

    I've fallen in love with the combo Sophia Ruth... I know Sophia is mega-popular, but I just love it to the point where popularity doesn't bother me. Ruth just sounded so pretty with Sophia, even though I normally don't like Ruth. I would like some honest opinions on this combo, but please nothing about popularity.

    Lastly, I have fallen in love with the name Louis, thanks to Luis D'Agostino. Which spelling of Louis do you like best: Louis, Luis, or Lewis? How is it pronounced? I've been pronouncing it like "Lewis", but I'm not sure if that's correct. Opinions on the name Louis and middle name suggestions would be great.

    Also, I was thinking Louisa (pronounced Loo-ees-uh) for a girl. What do you think of that one? Middle name suggestions would be amazing!

    Thank you so much!! :-)


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    Sophia Ruth is very pretty. I think the middle name Ruth gives the name a more old fashioned feel and tones down the trendiness a little.

    Louis in NMS but it a solid classic so I can't really say anything bad about it. I pronounce it "Lewis" or like the city St. Louis. My grandfather was Luis, Spanish for Louis and his nickname was "Louie" which I like a lot better than "Louie" on its own.

    As for middle names I think there are a lot that would work. I tend to prefer classic middle names, myself:
    Louis Daniel
    Louis Alexander
    Louis William
    Louis Charles
    Louis Nataniel
    Louis Christopher
    Louis Oliver
    Louis James

    I actually adore the name Louisa. It's vintage yet very rare unexpected (at least where I live). My Louisa combo is Louisa Ivy but here are a few more.
    Louisa Pearl
    Louisa Jane
    Louisa Violet
    Louisa Eleanor
    Louisa Victoria
    Louisa Caroline
    Louisa Blythe
    Louisa Adeline
    Violet Gray
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    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    Louis and Lewis are usually pronounced Loo-is in the US though in the UK, I have heard both Loo-is and Loo-ee used with the Louis spelling. Luis is Spanish and I would only pronounce it loo-EES. Its a great name no matter what. And Louisa is a beautiful girls name!

    I love the name Sophia and Sophia Ruth is very much my kind of name. One of my children had a very popular name (Joshua) but only really ever knew one other Josh growing up. My daughter, Johanna - well her name wasn't high on the SSA list but we knew 2 others! If you love the name, use it.

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    I like Sophia Ruth. It's cute. I prefer Sophia with longer middle names but I do really think Ruth is adorable with it

    I pronounce Louis like Loo-ee and I prefer it over Lewis. Loo-ee is the british version and Lewis is the american version I think. But I'm half british so maybe that's why.

    Louis George
    Louis Edward
    Louis Cole
    Louis Alexander

    Louisa is quite cute as well

    Louisa Marie
    Louisa Jane
    Louisa Isobel
    Louisa Vivienne
    Louisa Evangeline
    Louisa Melusine
    Louisa Grey
    Catelin Geneva
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    Circe ; Isolde ; Freya ; Sansa
    Magnus ; Casimir ; Ronan ; Atlas

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    I'm going to bed now but I'll tell y'all which of the suggested combos I like tomorrow. More opinions and suggestions would be awesome! Thanks.
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