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    Thoughts on the name, Isla...

    Hello everyone! I wanted to get everyone's input on the name Isla. It's a name that my husband and I agree on for our next daughter and I think it flows nicely with my other children's names. What do you all think about the name? Do you think pronunciation will be an issue? Your input is greatly appreciated!!!

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    I think Isla is a beautiful name! I know a girl named Isla and no one ever mispronounces it. If you and your husband love it, go for it!
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    I don't think there will be serious pronunciation problems. I really dislike any other spelling of this name which are usually just as confusing pronunciation wise. It is trendy and popular, but not enough so that it should stop you.
    Good Luck!

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    I have an Isla, I still love the name. We always get compliments on it. Pronunciation is occasionally a problem but only the first time once you pronounce it for someone they get it.
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    My daughter is Isla Hope - 4.5yrs old, tall, thick dark hair, light brown gorgeous eyes, spunky as all get out, athletic and a major drama queen! We met an Isla recently that is petite, with long blond hair and big blue eyes and it was a bit weird, but seemed to fit her as well. I had some major freak out moments while pregnant with her - worrying that people would mispronounce and that it would anger me, but turns out some people do mispronounce it but I don't really care a bit! My favorite story about her name is that we were at the doctor's office early one morning after a bad night awake with a sick kid, the nurse comes out and says, "Is Izz-la here?" I replied, "Oh, it's ICE-la. Uh, I mean, Isla." LOL even I couldn't get it right ;-) Typically though people will either say it wrong, or ask me how to say it and when I tell them they nearly always respond very positively "oh what a beautiful name!" We live in Vermont and the name is becoming very popular here, we've met 3-4 other Isla's in the county we live in.
    Good luck!

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