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    Love the name Beatrice, one of my good friends has that name and her everybody calls her Bea! So expect that for sure, lovely either way

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    I like Larson Oliver, Larson Felix, and Larson Peter, they would also be great switched around. For a girl I like Beatrice Pearl, Beatrice Wren, and Beatrice Olive. What about Larson Henry or Beatrice Hazel?
    Eleanor/Eloise, Cecilia, Josephine, Audrey, Fiona, Vivienne, Hazel, Juliet, Genevieve, Iris, Felicity, Penelope, Daisy, Scarlett, Isla, Claire, Amelia, Caroline, Stella, Eve, Margot, Annabel, Delilah, Ruby, Freya, Esme, Lola, Ivy, Willa, Gemma, Mila

    Oliver, Sebastian, Theodore, Felix, Leo, Roman, Wesley, August, Jasper, Miles, Jude, Silas, Finn, Dashiell, Ford, Elliott, Tristan, Charles, Gabriel, Liam, Wyatt, Declan, Harrison, Levi, Atlas, Luke, Beckett, Wilder, Grey, Beau, Knox, Lincoln

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    Thanks everyone!! Me and dh are leaning towards Beatrice Lou. I love the ring of it and short and sweets with two surnames.
    Hmm Larson does sound like arson simply bc it's in the name itself. However, Larson is a very Scandinavian name so it doesn't bring up any sort of 'criminal' connotations for us. And I agree it goes well with anneke. She will most be called bea and he will be Lars. !
    Now we are leaning towards Larson Jan (yawn) my husbands name. Translates to John.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Any further thoughts ?

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    Beatrice Lou is sweet & spunky at the same time, love it!

    Larson Jan sounds good, and is a cute match with Anneke June.

    I also like Larson Janek or Larson Johan (variations on Jan).

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    Beatrice is great, but Larson not my favourite! I agree with the arson/larceny criminal connotations! Whereas Arlo, Milo and Henry I just love so much... also I love Anneke!

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