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    Wink Larson. Beatrice. HELP DUE IN 3 WEEKS!

    ok gotta keep it short now. my last long post deleted by mistake.
    WE have a 3.5 year old Anneke June (On na ka.. pronounced european way)

    Ive been having doubts on our top choice for names Larson for boy and Beatrice for girl. i think because i spilled the names to a few ppl who didnt seem overly enthused. not that i usually care for it. but one commented OH, but i thought it would be ARLO?!?! sigh, im going to shut my mouth

    If its a boy in 3.5 weeks our top choice is Larson.... Also loved Levi, Henry, Arlo, Milo, but these are all too popular i find...
    so what are your thoughts on middle names:
    -Larson Levi
    -Larson Oliver
    -Larson Augustus
    -Larson Feliks (or Felix) growing up Felix was always my top boy choice but its since become quite popular..
    -Larson Arlo
    -Larson Peter (my husbands middle name)
    -Larson Lee/Leigh?
    -Larson Anton

    ive loved Beatrice, Vida, Olive, Hazel, but nothing as much as Beatrice nn. Beastuck on middle name as well;
    -Beatrice Pearl
    -Beatrice Ruby
    -Beatrice May (Anneke is Anneke June. no month significance just like it. she is an April baby, so is that silly for a sibling..?)
    -Beatrice Wren
    -Beatrice Josephine (baby will have both our last names.. so i fear this may be WAY TOO LONG!)
    -Beatrice Cora
    -Beatrice Lee
    -Beatrice Olive
    -Beatrice Lou (always loved this combo)


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