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    Beatrice Wren and Beatrice May are my favorites. Larson is a fine choice though I must admit Arlo is one my favorite boys names. So personally I would go with Larson Arlo (actually I would go with Arlo Larson) but for you Larson Arlo.
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    Thanks.. Larson Arlo is nice and a good way to incorporate Arlo. Ido love it but know a few Marlo's and harlowe's around making it seem more feminine to me
    I like using husbands name Jan for a middle name but since Larson is such a heavy European name and so is Jan I feel Arlo will give Larson that kitsch n spunk I enjoy with names and especially middle names.
    He'll mostly be called Lars For short anyways. I think this time we will wait to name baby. See how that goes. Maybe that will change things and opinions!!

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    Another thought that just came to mind... Should we skip Larson altogether and just stick to Lars!?!

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    As stated in my previous post, I like Lars much better than Larson.
    All the best,

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    Beatrice Lou is adorable, I love it. I much prefer Lars to Larson, it goes with Anneke perfectly. I generally prefer non surname names.

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