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  • Marin Lorraine

    15 46.88%
  • Mira Patricia

    17 53.13%
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    Marin Lorraine (ma-RIN lo-RAIN) vs Mira Patricia (MEER-a)

    Which do you prefer? All comments welcome. Thank you.
    Personal Favorites: Mira Cairdeas and Darrow Paine

    Best Wishes To All

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    Why not Mira Lorraine or Marin Patricia? Marin Lorraine is a combo made up of two place names. Mira Patricia is too heavy on the a's. I love the Maren spelling much better so I voted for the Mira Patricia combo.
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    I didn't realize Lorraine was a place name; it is a family name for us. I prefer Marin with the accent on the second syllable so that's why the Maren spelling isn't up there. I just don't like the sound of Mira Lorraine but will ponder Marin Patricia. (Patricia is a family name from the other side). I appreciate your input

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    I LOVE Marin! And I love Mira...two amazing choices. Both were on our initial list.

    For the sound of the name, I would choose is lovely. But, in reality, I would probably chose Mira. Because of the headache of pronunciation inevitable on your dd of muh-RIN vs. mare-in.

    Unless...and I am not usually an advocate of untraditional spellings...have you though of Maryn instead of Marin to get the pronunciation you are hoping for? It seems the likely spelling to get the muh-RIN pronunciation.

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    Which do you prefer? All comments welcome. Thank you.
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    I love the sound of Marin Patricia.

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