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    Which is more popular?

    Two names I love are Max and Henry. I am aware that they are both fairly popular and am concerned about how many kids might share my son's potential name in school. Which name have you heard used more? Thank you!

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    Henry ranks in at #43 last year on the US list, while Max is #105. But you also have to take into consideration other "Max" names that may be using the nickname. Also, it will all depend on which region/state you live in, and when you plan on having children. If you want to research name population by state, the SSA has that information on their website.

    Around my area (southeast), I tend to hear a lot more Henrys, although Maxwell is becoming more and more popular.

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    They were very close to the same rank in popularity for 2012 in the U.S., they were just shy of ranking in the top 30. So they're both popular names, but not quite as popular as say, Ethan or Aidan.

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    Number of Henrys born in 2012: 8006
    Number of Maxes born in 2012: 3663

    But keep in mind there are many other Max names out there. Maxwell, Maximus, Maximiliano, and Maximilian are all in the top 500. Any boy with one of those names could be going by Max. When you add the numbers for those four names to the number of Maxes, you'll surpass Henry's number easily. I don't hear either name very often (if at all) in my area, but I would recommend checking out the stats for your state if you're concerned about popularity.

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    I've never met a Max but I like the name Henry better. If you love the names then you shouldn't worry about popularity.
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