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    What do you think of when you see "Isla"

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    Well first I think of Isla Fisher and Isla Phillips (the only two that I know of!)

    Then I think of a pretty girl with dark or auburn hair, intelligent, and somewhat "earthy", like someone who loves nature. The name makes me think islands & UK and that leads me to mental images of a girl somewhere in Scotland on a rocky beach with wind, and waves and sea birds.

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    I think of the Scottish highland isle like Skye and the Hebrides. I think of a dark, long-haired woman by a sea loch , surrounded by mountains.
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    I think of a woman with red hair and green eyes. Intelligent and interesting, maybe a little quirky, but quite shy.
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    I always think of an island because of the "isl". But I think it's still very pretty, though I wouldn't use it.
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