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    August Birth Announcements - Melbourne, Australia

    Getting in early - births that are announced tomorrow will be added tomorrow night.

    Lucy Carmel Teresa
    Grace Frances
    May Judith Linda
    Scarlett Anne (Charlie)
    Greta Harriet May (Isaac, Eve, Oscar [dec.] and Harry [dec.])
    Mackenzie Joan (Sebastian)
    Sophie Lorna
    Bailee Mia (Jackson)
    Ashlee Cristyn (Joshua)
    Lacey Jay
    Lucy May June
    Nevada Monica
    Scarlett Marina
    Sage Katherine (Emerson, Darcy and Jed)
    Carla Marie
    Georgia Eve (Chloe)
    Georgia Jillian Marguerite (Caitlyn and Addison)
    Scarlett Faith (Elliot)
    Gwen Kerry (Lara and Oscar)
    Lily (Jarrod)
    Mikaela Rose
    Isabel Valkyrie
    Annie Louise
    Maddox Lee (Ava) [She's really a girl!]
    Kayla Maisey (Brianna)
    Savannah Mary-Anne
    Sierra Claire
    Leah Isabella (Dean)
    Vivian Grace (Sarah)
    Zoe Marie

    Davide Alfredo John (Amelia)
    William George (Archie)
    Jacob Ryan (Lily Grace)
    Rafi Kahuna
    Elliot Nicholas
    William Walter
    Samuel Edward
    Archer James Greville (Coco Victoria)
    Gabriel Alexander (Harrison)
    Jax (Ryder and Cohen)
    Jack Finlay (Sean, Luke, Ryan, Haley, Lilly, Adam and Sarah)
    Daniel Phillip
    Levi Joseph (Riley)
    Harvey Maxwell (Macey)
    Tyler James
    Jake Nicholas (Sharla)
    Max Francis (Samuel, James, Olivia, Anna and Thomas)
    Cole William (Mikaela, Logan, Rylee and Matilda)
    Angus Domenic
    Digby Peter
    Reeve (Chaye)
    Cooper Gary
    Levi Jaylen
    Ward Clancey (Jay and Reid)
    Harry Spencer
    Coby Archer (Tahlia)
    Aengus Maeleachlainn
    Ryder William (Harrison and Zarlia)
    Reuben Padraig (Charlotte and Aiden)
    Jack William (Emily)
    Charlie Kieran
    Samuel Frederick (Gabriella Grace)
    Jayden Matthew (Tahlia and Olivia)
    Oscar William
    Lawrence Andrew
    Raymond Alexander (Lewis)
    Lucas Reese
    James Justin (Clayton)
    Joel Graham (Leisel, Bridget and Amelie)
    Conor William (Aiden)
    Raymond Rui Cao (Jacqueline)
    Hugo Maxwell (Oscar)
    Lewis Reid (Owen)
    Sebastien Thomas Cheng
    Henry Richard (Finn and Edward)
    Andre Alberto Arthur
    Xavier James (Georgia and Livia)
    Daniel Murray (Emily)
    Spencer Lennard James (Harrison and Lawson)
    Marcus Joseph (Sam and Jake)
    Antonio (Luca and Sienna)

    Olivia May & Maitea Joy
    Cooper Levi James & Christian Lucas James (Chloe)
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    Cooper Gary? I guess the parents must be diehard fans of actor Gary Cooper. Some nice names but no standouts for me. Thanks for sharing!

    Congrats to Melbourne for being the most livable city on the planet!
    All the best,

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    I absolutely love Greta Harriet May and Digby Peter. Gorgeous! I babysit a little Greta Elizabeth, and my twin sister's name is Gretel

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